Premium Product R&D;

Kim Hing Food Industries has a long history of doing reseach and development (R&D) and manufacturing of premium food products such as Birds' Nest, Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Pen Cai (盆菜), TCM Health Drinks and etc. Our in-house chefs develops recipes for these food products and our factories will package them for our house brand (Dragon Brand) or our OEM customers.

Kim Hing Food's pursuit for quality is reflected in the success of our house brand, Dragon Brand Bird's Nest. Dragon Brand Bird's Nest bears testimony to their food preparation and technological expertise of Kim Hing Food. The premium food manufactured by Kim Hing Food has been sold under this house brand and has garnered countless supporters, making Dragon Brand a household name in Singapore and a synonym for quality.

Kim Hing has been doing OEM manufacturing of premium food products for many well-known brands, who declined to be named, in Asia for years. Bottled Bird's nest is our top product in terms of buyers' interest and manufacturing volume.

Since incorporation, Kim Hing has been actively doing R&D to improve food quality and to match up with evolving eating habits. Our culture of constantly looking into new consumer trends and seeking innovation to serve their needs has spurred us to develop the first bottled birds' nest in the world, in which we provided healthy food without compromising convenience. Understanding that people today are getting more health-conscious , we came up birds' nest with no sugar and reduced sugar for our birds' nest, setting the market's trend for such products.

In conjunction with our R&D efforts,we partnered Singapore Polytechnic, to develop traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) health drinks. We constantly improve on our formulas to provide only the best for consumers. Thus our OEM customers can be ensured a great partnership with quality products promised.

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