Retort Pouch Packing

Retort pouch packing offers an alternative to bottling, as it takes up less weight and volume. Food will be kept within a retort pouch, vacuum sealed and sterilised by a high heat treatment process. The retort pouch is made of food-grade materials and is made for high heat treatment processes. This type of packaging for storing food has been used widely and is internationally recognised as safe and hygienic.

As with Kim Hing’s bottling process, food kept within the retort pouch do not require preservatives, they are hermetically sealed with vacuum technology and hygienically sterilized by a heat treatment process. Their shelf life is extended for months till they are opened. Kim Hing does R&D to find out the most optimum temperature to keep the food safe and yet maintain its taste and texture . The food tastes just as good as it was just cooked and can be consumed upon opening, offering convenience to consumers and food service operators.

Other than retort packing of food products provided by OEM customers, Kim Hing is able to develop recipes for customers upon their request. We have in-house chefs who can assist in the creation or improvement of food products.

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