The traditional way of storing food, whether it is homemade sauces or soup, in a bottle and closing its cap does not guarantee that the food content is safe, as they are not kept in a vacuum or sterilized. Food kept this way can only last up to 2 days without preservatives. Kim Hing's process of vacuum sealing and sterilisation by sending them through high heat treatment process will help to lengthen its shelf life for months until the bottle is opened. The food is cooked with no preservatives required, as it is already sterilized within the vacuum environment, inhabiting any bacteria growth.

With no preservatives added, and treated only with heat, Kim Hing is able to ensure that our products are safe for consumption. By understanding the characteristics of its raw material, Kim Hing does R&D to find out the most optimum temperature to ensure that the final product is safe for consumption and yet maintain its taste and texture. The food tastes just as good as it was cooked and can be consumed upon opening, offering convenience to consumers and food services operators.

Kim Hing's bottling process has attained the HACCP standards, which shows that our bottling process is able to produce food products that are safe, reliable and of good quality.

Other than bottling of food products provided by OEM customers, Kim Hing is able to develop recipes for customers upon their request. We have in-house chefs who can assist in the creation or improvement of food products.

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