About Us

Established in 1957 by Mr Tan Kim Pheow, Kim Hing Company processes and sells Chinese delicacies such as bird's nests, shark's fins and other traditional health products.

With the advancement in food technology in the 1960s, Kim Hing Company ventured into food processing, focusing on the preparation of bird's nests. Kim Hing Company set up its first retail outlet in Peninsula Shopping Centre. 

Increasing competition in the bird's nest processing industry in the 1980's spurred Kim Hing Company to invest heavily in research and development to stay in the forefront of the market. These investments enabled Kim Hing Company to successfully develop the World's first glass-bottled bird's nest in 1986. Advanced processing equipment and manufacturing processes were adopted ─ products were hermetically sealed with vacuum technology and hygienically sterilized by a heat treatment process. The result was a ready-to-eat bird's nest product with prolonged shelf life which retains the original flavours and nutrients of traditionally prepared bird's nest. This innovation cemented Kim Hing Company's position as the pioneer in this industry. 

Bottled bird's nest was an instant hit given its great taste, superior product quality, and convenience to end consumers. Widespread popularity resulted in a tremendous increase in demand for bottled bird's nest products. Dragon Brand Bird's Nest Pte Ltd was then incorporated to oversee the retail of Dragon Brand products, while Kim Hing Food Industries Pte Ltd took on the manufacturing role for the company. 

In 2012, Kim Hing Food Industries set up another factory in Senoko besides the existing factory in Defu Lane and invested heavily in modern equipment to bottle and retort pack a wider range of food products.