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Kim Hing Food Industries does bottling and retort packing of food products, specialising in the manufacturing of premium food such as bottled birds’ nest, abalone, etc. Bottled or retort packed food products are hermetically sealed with vacuum technology and hygienically sterilized by a heat treatment process. The food products are cooked with no preservatives added but yet given a longer shelf life through retorting, which is a high heat treatment process that sterilizes the food kept within its vacuum environment of the glass bottle or retort pouch.  Upon opening, the food is ready to serve with taste and texture as good as it was just cooked.


Kim Hing’s long history and expertise in such food manufacturing process has made it the market leader in bottling and retort packing of food products the healthier way. Building on such cutting edge technology in food manufacturing , Kim Hing has made relentless efforts throughout the years in fine-tuning its process to make sure that the food products maintains its original flavour after bottling or retort packing.


Kim Hing specialises in manufacturing ready-to-serve premium food products such as birds’ nest, braised abalone ,Pen Cai (盆菜) ,etc. Its house brand, Dragon Brand Birds’ Nest ,bears testimony to their food preparation and technological expertise. Kim Hing is able capture and maintain the food product’s original flavour, texture and health qualities all in one streamlined process. This is all the more important for premium food products where consumers have a higher expectation and are willing to pay for the best. In addition, Kim Hing’s specialised recipes for premium foods has made it the choice within the industry for preparing,bottling and retort packing of such products.


Kim Hing’s bottling and retort packing technology can be extended to all other food products, such as soups, spreads,herbal drinks ,etc ,where the emphasis is on food safety (no preservatives or artificial flavouring),hygiene and convenience . Kim Hing’s products and service are in line with the rising awareness and need of the food manufacturing and service industry today, where consumers are getting more and more focused on food safety and healthy eating.


Besides bottling or retort packing food products from OEM customers, Kim Hing is able develop the product for customers upon request as well. Our in-house chefs have years of experience in Chinese cuisine ,customers can thus be assured of taste and quality.  The same quality standards is applied to all food products ,thus customers can be assured that the final product maintains the texture and quality as it was just cooked, is safe and hygienic and has a longer shelf life.